What happened?

Try to find a good developer, I dare you!

Just like so all blockchain products, you need good developers. I’ve tried searching for good ones here in the Netherlands and in Russia, Romania, Poland, and even America. Searching the web for good companies, good devs. And you know what? All the good devs, designers, etc. out there are busy.

SCAMMERS everywhere

People are starting to contact me. About marketing purposes. These are YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, and telegram groups all saying they can help me. If you ever start a project like this… BAN THEM ALL. They do not help you at all. They take your money and send bots to your Twitter and Telegram. Or conveniently forget about you.

So what happened until now?

The frontend developer with telegram handle @nagdev00. Has been working on the frontend for 2 months. I paid him a total of $15k to do this. When we needed to implement the backend my lead backend developer saw the mess he made and the extra work needed to implement everything. @nagdev00 said he could do it, no problem. He could not.




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