I have learned a few things in my 4+ years of crypto. New projects always want to deliver fast. Crypto is an environmentally brutal place to be when you want to do business.

I have seen many projects, real ones, and scams. The scams work in a few ways. But all have the same buildup. They make you believe, and if they dare, they make you suffer as long as they can.

I have been there a few times. And even in the development of GameToken, I have been scammed over and over. How does ONE get scammed so many times?

Try to find a good developer, I dare you!

Just like so all blockchain products, you need good developers. I’ve tried searching for good ones here in the Netherlands and in Russia, Romania, Poland, and even America. Searching the web for good companies, good devs. And you know what? All the good devs, designers, etc. out there are busy.

So what's next? Take what you can and hope for the best. It’s that hard to get a good dev. With extreme luck, I found my lead backend developer, Ryuhei. And I found some designers on Fiverr and Dribble.

SCAMMERS everywhere

People are starting to contact me. About marketing purposes. These are YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, and telegram groups all saying they can help me. If you ever start a project like this… BAN THEM ALL. They do not help you at all. They take your money and send bots to your Twitter and Telegram. Or conveniently forget about you.

I gave about $8k to marketing, with nothing useful as a result or not worth it. So forgive me if I (@themanintheroom, Telegram) get a bit blunt when the next message comes along saying I need to do marketing.

I’m not doing any marketing until I have a working product. Until then, I'm solely working on my project and not focusing on how I should present it to the public. I have been going at it full-time for more than 6 months. And this along with my private life, which is equally busy.

So what happened until now?

The frontend developer with telegram handle @nagdev00. Has been working on the frontend for 2 months. I paid him a total of $15k to do this. When we needed to implement the backend my lead backend developer saw the mess he made and the extra work needed to implement everything. @nagdev00 said he could do it, no problem. He could not.

When I confronted him about this it lead to a discussion, and he even wanted another payment, or I will not get all frontend code. I banned, blocked, and removed him from my telegram and moved on.

This means 2 months and $15k gone. And I needed a new frontend developer. After a month I found him. A friend of my lead backend developer.

The Bank, staking feature was due this Monday, then Tuesday to discover that the frontend code from @nagdev00 had so many flaws we could not deploy this. The new frontend dev will work 60 hours a week for a rate that is even larger than my backend developer. But he will make this right!

So, dear GameToken followers. My apologies for the silence. I’m just a single human with a busy online and a separate offline life trying to create a massive project from scratch with a lot of setbacks and disbelief from my followers.


Who dreamed about actually having real world value with you in-game credits. We, GameToken will make that happen for you!