What and who is GameToken?

A brief explanation

GameToken aspires to be one of the largest ventures within the modern technological market. The main aim of the project is to reintroduce popular games that are no longer found in the market. The project has also kept in mind the risk of copyright claims, in light of which all produced games will be redesigned on a unique premise incorporating improvements.

Every game will have a bank and GameToken would be required to play the game. You will get rewarded in another utility token in order to advance in the game and purchase in-game assets. So to sum up, GameToken is your key to all our games and there will be a number of utility tokens that are subsequently used in a number of games.

The road ahead

Recently a presale was launched, which left much to be desired. However, through this, it has become apparent where amendments need to be made. We believe our investors deserve a more thorough understanding of our venture which undoubtedly nurture a more trusting relationship, which will be pivotal to the project’s success. This is also a key aim of this proposal, to provide full disclosure of the project. As we believe a great deal in our project, and feel that once understood there will be no doubt of its great potential. Potential that may only be harnessed through close collaboration with our investors.

Who is the founder?

@themanintheroom was with Harmony from the start, having weathered all its ups and downs. From trading on a CEX he went rogue and entered the DeFi space, a journey that has taught him a great deal about transactions work, smart-contracts and the endless possibilities of decentralized apps. As an old gamer who grew up with the NES and the commodore 64, he always wanted to create a game of his own. This burning desire is what led him to GameToken. All his past experiences accumulated into a single project.

This has been a brief introduction of @themanintheroom, whose personal life you can learn more about through Linkedin (https://www.linkedin.com/in/prodedicated/). As a founder of GameToken @themanintheroom wants to ensure that there is little doubt over the kind of professional he is. Feel free to contact him.

So with that out of the way

We want it big! And we want to build in on the Harmony Protocol. GameToken needs to be big to attract members of other communities like Ethereum, Binance Smartchain, Polkadot and even EGOLD. To do that we need a massive platform that people want to get into. The Harmony Bridge will help with that, just as other methods like mainstream advertising and letting other projects stake their tokens, which gives them the chance to get GAME and ONE as reward to play our games. This is why we have the 1% fee in all our token contracts. We intend to use this fee for everything we need to attract more users to our platform and the Harmony network. If we succeed, we can comfortably expect to reach a million users.

A better roadmap with numbers

We believe on being completely transparent with our investors, with this in heart we have compiled a complete list of our aims, coupled with the amount of hours needed for development and an estimated overall cost for the project.

Preparation and presale

Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been brainstorming and figuring things out. These months have been all about the fundamentals: the main token, itself, why we limited the maximum supply to merely 16 million, and how GameToken will integrate with the games.

GameToken is set to be the gold you hold, with a supply that is lower than BTC. You can picture how the price action will change after we accomplish our target of 1 million users. Not financial advice but you get the idea. The supply of all other tokens you use to play the game and buy in-game assets will be significantly larger. For our first game Cryptoclysm, you buy and sell with CREDIT. CREDIT will have a large supply in the trillions.

The reason for that are the in-game assets. If you want to buy a weapon, that weapon can cost 50k of the game currency. A vehicle of some sort can cost 100k. To make this happen, we’ll need a large supply. That also means we have more room to offer additional features, like CREDIT rewards for starting validators that need to be elected for the first time.

Users can delegate their ONE and get CREDIT in return while they wait for their validator to get elected. So in that way, CREDIT will help get new validators which are not elected, by giving CREDIT rewards to the delegators of that particular validator.

The goal is not simply to build a platform, but rather to curate an environment. We are open to suggestions on our Telegram handle, @themanintheroom. Furthermore, the following in the link to our presale: https://presale.gametoken.tech/

Below you will find a calendar of the months to follow:

Presale and token deployed — 12th of July [Preparation about 4 months]

Brainstorming, creating fundamentals for GameToken and searching for the right freelancers to build our project.

Circulate content about the games-until the end of July [Preparation about 1 month]

What is GameToken about and an explanation about Cryptoclysm

Work out schematics on how the game should work-end of Jul [Preparation about 1 month]

Discuss schematics with Lead development and start backend development — end of July [about 1 month]

Give instructions to designer/animator for UI — first week of August [about 2 weeks]

Give instructions to the storywriter for missions/events/boss battles/game assets-end of July [about 2 weeks]

Give UI/design to the front-end and discuss this with the back-end developers-end of August [about 2 weeks]

After the release of Cryptoclysm we will continue with our multiplayer retro Spacegame

With this we intend to do the first BETA test in the beginning of September. We expect to test for a week or 2 depending on what we find and what the BETA testers find. The BETA will be conducted on Testnet to ensure that all funds are safe.

The numbers

We know we ask a lot. With the presale in its current state we have a goal of 1 million GAME. That is equal to 10 million ONE and at the time of writing it holds a worth in dollars of around 780k. You might ask, why do you need so much?

To start off with, we want to give our investors a good liquidity pool. Our initial LP will be locked for a year. If needed, we will extend that. 75% will go into LP. The 25% will be used to develop our platform to its fullest.

What we do with the 25% ($195000)

We intend to do a wide range of marketing. Showing our product to everyone and everywhere. We talk about YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Google, Dappradar and even Cointelegraph. A large scale marketing ‘bomb’ everyone will notice. To do that you need a big marketing budget.

Our initial development will cost us around 60k. We believe this is necessary to ensure we make a big splash. There will be a lot of hard work ahead. That leaves us with roughly 135k of marketing budget to spend in a month to create full awareness. Which is very little for this kind of marketing.

Any questions left?

This is us. We got it all out. Do you have any questions? Ask us, discuss with us. We are all ears!

Thank you for reading.

GameToken Team

Website: https://gametoken.tech


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Who dreamed about actually having real world value with you in-game credits. We, GameToken will make that happen for you!