Expect a few tournaments per year in Cryptoclysm. A tournament is an organized war between all registered clans. To participate in a tournament, a clan leader will have to register. Your clan will be automatically placed in the tournament schedule, once clicked on the register button.

The tournament schedule and your placement is visible after registration. There must be an even number of clans in each tournament. Clans will have 48 hours to register after the announcement. The last registered clan at an uneven number is automatically unregistered.

After the 48-hour registration period, clans will have the chance to set a date and time to start their first war. The winning clan will advance to the next round and so on.

A clan has a max of 12 members. Not all clans have to be at that number. A clan of 6 could participate as well.


Everyone can watch the war. After the 48-hour register period, everyone is able to see the schedule and watch the war.


Each tournament will have a different price. Most of the time there will be a reward in CREDIT, sometimes a NFT reward. The CREDIT reward will be sent to the leader of the clan. A NFT reward is sent to all clan members.

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