The Bank explained

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Everything you buy in Cryptoclysm, you buy from the bank. Every transaction will have a fee of 1%. That fee will be used for in-game events, lottery, and overall costs for maintenance and content creation. A part of the 1% will also be used to buy ONE. More on this will be explained in this article

Stake your GAME

To play Cryptoclysm you need a ONE address, some ONE for transactions, and at least some GAME to stake. You can single stake GAME. There are no minimum amounts, but the reward of CREDIT will determine how you will progress in the game.

Adding liquidity

We want as much LP as possible. This is the fundament of any DeFi cryptocurrency. That is why the GAME/ONE LP will be rewarded the most.

More liquidity pools

More LP are coming! Once we know we got it right with staking percentages and everything else, we need to check for a good staking experience. We are thinking of adding LP for GAME/VIPER but also for other pairs beyond the Harmony network.

That is one of our missions, to get as many people as we possibly can. Like GAME/1ETH and get CREDIT and ONE in return. We will create LP for the biggest communities first and work our way to have a wide range of LP possibilities.

Lending and the Lottery

Almost every platform wants or has a lending and/or lottery feature. These features will be released after the initial release of Cryptoclysm.

Lending and lottery can be complex, and we do not want anyone to take advantage of that. We will ask 3rd parties to do audits before we deploy this on mainnet.

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