To start engaging in Cryptoclysm you need to go to the bank first. The bank is for staking your GAME and getting CREDIT in return. How much CREDIT you get depends on how much GAME you stake.

Basic Income

This will be your basic income to start with. Everything in Cryptoclysm is expensive. Everything you buy will multiply in costs when you want to buy again. And even your armory has upkeep to manage. Your basic income will not always be enough.

Earn Income

In Cryptoclysm there are a few ways to get some good hard-earned CREDIT. You can kill enemies, do missions or collect bounties in the liquidation room. You can also try to get the last hit on a boss in the RAID room. If you have a clan, you can ask members for a fee. Players can send each other CREDIT, like any other cryptocurrency. The most basic way everyone will increase their income is to build their empire. When you buy land, you earn income from it.

In-Game Transactions

Every in-game asset you buy, you buy from the bank. When you sell, however, you get 50% back. When you go to the Bank section in the game, you can see the total value of things bought in-game, staked in-game, and circulating in-game.

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