The place to be if you want to expand your list of weapons. You can buy and sell as much of each item you want. Some items are only available from a certain level. If you buy an item, like a gun or vehicle the price for another purchase goes up.

Stats and Upkeep

Every item in the armory has attack and defense points, how much they cost and what the upkeep is per item. The attack and defense points help you get stronger when attacking a player. For every item you buy, the price increases. If you sell an item you get 50% back of the purchase and the price goes down to the previous level.

Type of Weapons

There are several types of weapons you can choose from. The following types are:
● Hand Weapon
● Vehicle
● Aircraft
● Mech
● Ship

All types have their perks and disadvantages. A hand weapon has almost no upkeep and an aircraft has no defense points. This way you can build your own army that suits your needs. Limited Edition Weapons (NFT) Limited Edition weapons are made out of special parts. You get these parts as a reward for completing a mission, winning a raid or other special events. A limited edition with all parts turns into an NFT. These NFTs can not be sold like other armory items and can only be transferred between players. You can see the complete list of your arsenal on your profile page.

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