There is an overview of bosses on the page Tournaments & Raids. Each boss will have a different level. Each level will represent its overall strength. Bosses never die. You can beat them in the current raid, but they will always return. Every time a boss returns, the overall setup in attack and defense will be different. If you choose to enter a level 80 raid with your level at 30, expect to die with a ‘one-hit’ from the boss.

The Bosses

We like Easter eggs, references, and everything in between that gives a wink to the past. That is why each boss will have a reference to a known entity in the real world. To give you an idea, what we have been cooking here.


· Elon Rekt

· Billgator

· WarrenBuffer

And more coming… Suggestions are welcome.

The bosses will be animated and react to different attack strengths from players. The different setups from the player will show different attack damage points to the boss. On the other hand, the boss will attack random players in the room too.

The animation of the bosses will be similar to this:

Again, a reference to the past we love. Imagine this animation but with a lookalike of the known entities.

If you manage to get the last hit, you get all CREDIT that is displayed in the boss panel. The CREDIT is built up as well. Every time a boss hits you a bit of your open CREDIT will be taken as well. That bit of CREDIT will be added to the total CREDIT the boss owns.

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