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Every player in the game has a NFT as a profile picture. Cryptoclysm will have a good amount of NFT ready for gamers that do not own any NFT. Besides that, GameToken is looking for several partnerships to facilitate all users with a NFT.

You can change the profile NFT as much as you want. Your username however is set for life! Everyone has a unique username. Be very careful with choosing one.

Character stats

Your character stats and the opponents determine if you win, lose, or even die. To keep things interesting, you can change your stats every 24 hours and need techpoints for doing that. You get tech points for free when you level up and by doing missions or raids. Tech points can also be bought in the Tech Lab.


The rankings on your profile page show your current progress in battles and the size of your alliance. Remember, an alliance is very important. Every alliance you make with another player gives you slightly more advantage in your attack points.


When you level up, more features unlock to play with. In this example, you see a Fortress. A powerful enhancement of ‘Buff’ to increase your overall defense. All enhancements can be found in the Tech Lab. When you click ‘change buff’ you will be directed to the Tech Lab and choose your strategy.


Everyone loves achievements. This gives you purpose besides all other things going around in Cryptoclysm. Most achievements just give you acknowledgment you got the 100x kill or even the 1000x death by battle. Sometimes Cryptoclysm will hold events. In events, you need to get the target within a certain amount of time. When you do, you get a NFT in return. This NFT could be a weapon, a profile picture, or a special medal that confirms your win.


Everything you buy, win or receive from another player will be listed here. Notice the Limited Edition tab? That is where your limited edition weapons will be. Some will be NFT and tradable with other players.


We are currently investigating what the possibilities are with integrating Telegram in Cryptoclysm. If we can manage to add all features in it, we will.

If Telegram does not meet our requirements, we will develop our own chat. Everyone can chat with whomever they want. You can block, pin share profiles.


Cryptoclysm is a great project and already has a lot of great features. But as always, the initial design and mechanic is always for improvements. What better than to get improvements from the users themselves!

Everyone can start a thread. There will be (paid)moderators to keep everything nice and tight. Once a forum thread has enough posts, comments, and likes, a vote can be initiated. The voting goes like with GAME as voting power.

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Who dreamed about actually having real world value with you in-game credits. We, GameToken will make that happen for you!

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Who dreamed about actually having real world value with you in-game credits. We, GameToken will make that happen for you!