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Dear GameToken holders and followers. It has been a while since the last medium article. A lot of work has been done and still needs to be done.

We had some setbacks but with great determination, we are able to get the work done. The time needed to get this work done is somewhat extended. Almost every project that needs good developers knows that developers are hard to find. And if you find a good developer, the costs get expensive.

That is why we applied for the Harmony Grant and got approved as well. The Harmony Grant consists of several milestones that need to be reached before getting funds from the Harmony team. As of now, we got the second milestone approved and waiting, at the time of writing, on the funds to get the next steps towards the full game, Cryptoclysm.

With the first milestone, we paid the well-appreciated developer for the hours he worked on getting the demo ready. The demo was well received and we got to develop the first mainnet feature for Cryptoclysm: the Enhance NFT. With the Enhance NFT sales we can get more development done and get to our goal faster.

Buy your first Enhance NFT here:

Every user can choose their own profile picture. As long as it is an NFT they can set it as a profile picture.

Cryptoclysm will have its own NFT profile picture. Every NFT will have attributes that will give the user certain traits like extra attack points, energy or stamina.

The Cryptoclysm NFT profile pictures are made from different attributes. All the attributes combined give the user an extra way to surprise the enemy.

For example:
A user sets an NFT profile picture which is built up from 5 attributes.
Attribute 01: 5 attack points
Attribute 02: 20 defense points
Attribute 03: -40% extra damage
Attribute 04: 30% CREDIT if you win
Attribute 05: 10 Stamina

A complete list of what attributes can do.

Attack points
Defense points
HP points
Stamina points
Energy points
% extra Techpoints
% less in upkeep
% extra damage
% extra XP

Please note that some attributes can have a negative effect while others give an advantage. -20% damage but 50% extra XP for example.

01-Cyberpunk_Sphinx_Background-1 +10% HP
01-Cyberpunk_Sphinx_Background-2 +20% HP
01-Cyberpunk_Sphinx_Background-3 +30% HP
01-Cyberpunk_Sphinx_Background-4 -30% HP
01-Cyberpunk_Sphinx_Background-5 -20% HP

02-Base_Cyberpunk_Sphinx-1 Defense points +100%
02-Base_Cyberpunk_Sphinx-2 Defense points +30%
02-Base_Cyberpunk_Sphinx-3 Defense points -60%

03-Cyberpunk_Sphinx_nose_and_mask-1 Energy points +10%
03-Cyberpunk_Sphinx_nose_and_mask-2 Energy points +20%
03-Cyberpunk_Sphinx_nose_and_mask-3 Energy points +30%
03-Cyberpunk_Sphinx_nose_and_mask-4 Energy points +60%

04-Cyberpunk_Sphinx_eyes-1 Extra damage +10%
04-Cyberpunk_Sphinx_eyes-2 Extra damage +20%
04-Cyberpunk_Sphinx_eyes-3 Extra damage -40%
04-Cyberpunk_Sphinx_eyes-4 Extra damage -50%
04-Cyberpunk_Sphinx_eyes-5 Extra damage +80%
05-Cyberpunk_Sphinx_Ears-1 Attack points +10%
05-Cyberpunk_Sphinx_Ears-2 Attack points +20%
05-Cyberpunk_Sphinx_Ears-3 Attack points +120%
05-Cyberpunk_Sphinx_Ears-4 Extra Techpoints Level up +10
05-Cyberpunk_Sphinx_Ears-5 Upkeep -50%
05-Cyberpunk_Sphinx_Ears-6 Extra Stamina +100%

06-Cyberpunk_sphinx_glasses-1 Extra XP +20%
06-Cyberpunk_sphinx_glasses-2 Extra XP +30%
06-Cyberpunk_sphinx_glasses-3 Extra XP +40%
06-Cyberpunk_sphinx_glasses-4 Extra XP +50%
06-Cyberpunk_sphinx_glasses-5 Extra XP -20%
06-Cyberpunk_sphinx_glasses-6 Extra XP -40%

Minting is done on the website. 1 NFT can be minted for 500 ONE. A user can mint as much NFT as possible. In Cryptoclysm only 1 NFT profile picture is active at a time. NFT profile pictures are allowed to change once every 24 hours.

Earned ONE by minting will be used for the development of Cryptoclysm and add liquidity to the GAME/ONE pool.

Support GameToken and mint your first EnhanveNFT:

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