Everyone can join or create a clean. A clan has a maximum of 12 members with 1 commander. The leader can promote members to lieutenant. Lieutenants have the same rights as the commander. The only difference is that the commander cannot be kicked out of the clan.

Every clan has a rank. At first, the rank will be determined by order of registration. To climb the rank ladder, you simply declare war on any clan you want. You can even declare war on the number 1 if you dare. It is up to the other clan to accept the war. Once accepted, the timer will start and the war begins within 24 hours. A timer will start and will be visible on the page of your clan. At this time, your clan cannot accept or remove any new members. Once the timer ends, the grayed-out battle button will change to red. When that happens, you can enter the war room.

The war room

Once the war begins, and you enter the war room, you see the opposite clan and your clan members. You can choose to battle whoever you want. Your actions are visible in another panel that shows how much damage your hit got.

A killed member cannot be revived during the war. You are only able to heal as much as you heal points let you. There is also no refilling once you are out of heal points.

How to win a war

There is a progress bar that shows the status. A marker goes towards the winning team. You win by attacking and win or get the kill. The battle marker goes to the clan with the most losses. The war is over once that marker hits the side of the losing team.

A clan can decide to surrender. When that button gets clicked, the war ends immediately. Every killed member will lose their open CREDIT if a war ends. The open CREDIT will go to the attacker who got the kill.

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