You can battle whoever you want within your level range. The level range at the start is 1–10. After level 10 the range you can attack will be 20 levels. So level 100 can attack a level 80 or a level 120. You can search for every player on the battle page. The players out of your level range will have a grayed-out battle button.

Getting the kill

Every player has its own character build. This build itself is not openly visible. The only metric you can see are the level, alliance, wins, loses, kills and deaths. Those will tell you a bit about the history of that player and if you get a chance to win? You can click on the player profile button and see on the profile page if the player is online or not. The online status changes to orange when a player has no activity for more than 30 minutes. After an hour, the status changed to red. This way you can take a chance and try to attack an offline player and maybe even get his open CREDIT. Open CREDIT is the amount you have in your in-game wallet to buy in-game assets. You can also choose to keep your CREDIT save in the bank and stake it for more CREDIT. But when you get attacked, 10% of your open CREDIT will be taken by the attacker. If the attacker manages to kill you, all open CREDIT will be lost.

You got a hit!

When you click the battle button, a pop-up shows up. With a win you’ll see a rematch button, a link to your stats on your profile page and a detail section. The detail section shows you how much damage your attack gave to your opponent. But also how much damage you took because of the defense build of your opponent. The detail section also shows how much XP you gained and how much open CREDIT you took.

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