Dear investors,

We have come a long way with this presale. But we are proud to say we sold over 70k GAME. The question now is how will we continue? At the time of writing, we hold 716086 ONE. This has a value of around 53k in American dollars.

What to do next? In short:

· Distribute the presale GAME + BONUS

· Get the GAME and CREDIT rewards live on our validator

· Add Liquidity to Viper

· Develop our first game

· Get the liquidity pools live

Claim your investment

You can claim your GAME and bonus after the presale timer ends. When that happens, the transferred ONE will be sent to our LP wallet. We strongly advise people not to sell their GAME right away. No one can stop you if you do, but we advise this because there is not enough ONE to add a good LP. We did our calculations. To develop the GAME in its full glory, we need around $46K to $48K. That leaves us with around 5k to add to LP. An overview of the costs will be presented in this article.

Validator CREDIT and GAME rewards

Today is the day you can start earning GAME on our Validator. The GAME reward will last for 1 week. The distribution of GAME to your wallet will be after 1 week as well. Right after 1 week, we will start the reward of CREDIT.

Add liquidity to our pool on VIPER

We are in the works on getting 2 pools live on VIPER. These liquidity pools will give rewards for GAME and CREDIT. More information soon on when this will go live.

Cryptoclysm Development

These are the costs for our development. That leaves a bit of room to add to LP on VIPER. Developing our game has the most priority. And this is what we want to deliver for our investors. We did not start this project to just raise ONE and set an LP, so everyone can sell with profit. We want this to work and to work perfectly in all its glory!

Furthermore, we will go on as usual. Give you updates when we have. We believe to have something great somewhere in September.

Thanks to all our investors!

Who dreamed about actually having real world value with you in-game credits. We, GameToken will make that happen for you!